Marine Detailing
The qualities of our marine detailing services you receive for your vessel is what will make your boat dazzle from rest. At Dazzling Marine we pride ourselves on the quality of boat cleaning services which include both interior and exterior of your vessel.

Boat detailing not only involves washing the salt water from the boat and polishing the stainless steel, but we use our industry experience to go over your pride and joy with a fine tooth comb and ensure that there are no areas left to unnecessary ware and tear saving your money in the long term.

An integral component of our boat cleaning service is regular waxing. Waxing your boat is the first line of defence in keeping your paint and fiberglass protected. We specially apply a layer of wax to not only fend off dirty watermarks, but also to prevents oxidation build-up, which would normally leave your boat “chalky”.

We encourage our clients to invest in a marine detailing on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of the vessel. Although we are focused on the maintenance of luxury vessels we are also available to prepare your boat for cruising or resale.

To see what our detailing services can do for you, feel free to contact Darren 0407 547 065


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