Anti-fouling Services
Antifouling is an integral process in maintaining the quality and longevity of your vessel.

When antifouling your vessel, it is lifted out of the water so the hull is fully accessible. At Dazzling Marine we do not want to put any extra financial pressure on our clients so we try to coordinate your antifouling with any other work that requires your boat to be out of the water.

Dazzling Marines vessels are booked in for the annual antifouling well in advance to ensure the timing is the most convenient for their clients.

We are constantly looking for new more effective products and keep our clients informed on how effective the antifouling has been on their boat. Since every boat is unique we may also recommend diving on the hull before booking it in to be lifted out of the water.

Dazzling Marine will take the action necessary to extend the life of your antifouling and reduce the overall costs for our clients.


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