Turn your Diesel into ‘Super Fluid’

The benefits of adding formula to your tank of Diesel is a key strategy for short and long term gain.
The science of Fuel Rights diesel fuel treatment is a clear market leader – providing a great return on investment.

Briefly, here’s how it works. Fuel Right inhibits the formation of sludge in clean systems and slowly breaks down existing sludge. Contaminants released pass harmlessly through the system and burn as fuel. Any condensed water in a system, Fuel Right treats it with a fuel antifreeze, protecting against fuel system freeze-ups in the winter months. Most importantly, Fuel Right coats steel surfaces in your system, protecting them against corrosion from the combined effects of moisture and contamination.

Tanks Sludge Free > Increase Reliability > Reduce Smoke
  • Dissolves away any sludge in the system
  • Prevents formation of new sludge
  • Cleans nozzles and injectors
  • Stops and prevents corrosion of fuel tanks
  • Provides lubricity and reduces metal wear in pumps and injectors
  • Averts fuel line freeze-ups in colder temperatures


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